Sam Grant

Sam and David Grant

Location: Methven, Mid Canterbury.

“It was visually easy to see a response… the Aviator area was noticeably greener.” (Sam Grant)

Total area cropped: 450 ha

Aviator Xpro trial area: 5 ha out of a 9 ha paddock.

Crop and cultivar trialled: Wakanui wheat.

What was the problem?

Control for Septoria tritici blotch was required, as was control for brown rust. It was one of the worst seasons experienced for Septoria, if not the worst. “It was the year we noticed that low rates of epoxiconazole weren’t doing the business,” Sam says.

Treatment and control details:

12.11.13: Aviator Xpro 1L/ha treatment; control (rest of paddock) Stellar 750 ml/ha + Comet 400 ml/ha

1.12.13: Aviator Xpro 1L/ha treatment, control Stellar 750 ml/ha + Comet 500 ml/ha

Crop response:

It was visually easy to see a response, from December onwards, right until it was harvested. Sam says the Aviator area was noticeably greener than the half that had the control treatment.


Aviator Xpro treatment +1500 kg yield.


The yield improvement is the most useful attribute of Aviator, Sam says.