Eric Watson

Eric Watson

Location: Wakanui, Mid Canterbury

“The most important benefit is the ability to control Septoria which we could struggle with in the future.” (Eric Watson)

Aviator Xpro trial area: 10 ha out of a 24 ha paddock.

Crop and cultivar trialled: KWW46 feed wheat

What was the problem?

There was a risk of Septoria triticii blotch affecting the crop, and while loss of efficacy with strobilurin fungicides against this disease in New Zealand had not been confirmed at the time, Eric suspected they were no longer working the way they should. As it turned out disease pressure was unusually high in Canterbury. 

Treatment and control details:

17.10.13 – treatment 550 mL/ha Proline + 225 mL/ha Twist; control (rest of paddock) 600 mL/ha Proline + 1 L/ha Bravo

11.11.13 – treatment 1 L/ha Aviator Xpro; control 750 mL/ha Opus + 400 mL/ha Comet

29.11.13 – treatment 1 L/ha Aviator Xpro; control 600 mL/ha Proline + 500 mL/ha Seguris Flexi + 500 mL/ha Amistar

Crop response:

No visual difference observed


Aviator Xpro treatment + 700 kg/ha yield


Strobilurin resistance is a concern for Eric going forward. Last year was the first bad year he had experienced with Septoria. He saw Aviator Xpro in Germany before it was launched, and describes it exciting new chemistry, which needs to be used responsibly.