Understanding Proline

Proline is a DMI fungicide. Proline contains the active ingredient prothioconazole, the latest and most powerful DMI to be commercialised.

When should I use Proline?

Proline has been commercially available in New Zealand for many years and during this time it has established a firm position as the foundation of fungicide programmes, successfully delivering very effective disease control, high yields and profitable returns for farmers. 

It is commonly reached for when the control of several key diseases is required: Septoria leaf blotch in wheat and scald and net blotch in barley. In addition Proline has been scientifically shown to increase the levels of chlorophyll in the plant resulting in a healthier crop.

If you adopting the approach of mixing together different modes of action yourself, rather than using a ready mixed fungicide such as Aviator Xpro or Delaro, then Proline is the product of choice. The high quality, trusted Proline formulation combined with flexible label recommendations ensure you can design the fungicide mixture to meet your needs.

While this website doesn’t cover fungicide use in ryegrass seed crops Proline is also very effective at controlling stem rust, crown rust and blindseed disease.


  • Proline is the perfect base for effective disease control  programmes and the ideal mixing partner for a range of fungicides
  • Proline is especially effective against scald and ramularia leaf spot in barley and stem rust and blind seed disease in ryegrass seed crops
  • Proline stimulates important plant physiological factors, including photosynthesis

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