Understanding Folicur

Folicur is a DMI fungicide. Folicur contains tebuconazole, a very effective DMI fungicide launched over 20 years ago but one that has gained a reputation as a very effective wheat ear fungicide.

Folicur has established a very useful position in wheat fungicide programmes as a late season fungicide for the control of ear diseases and for late season control of leaf rust.

With the long growing season of wheat crops in New Zealand, resulting from the long day length and widespread use of irrigation, it is very important to keep the crop green, healthy and growing for as long as possible. With a short withholding period Folicur is ideally suited to do this.


  • Folicur SC is a cost effective solution for disease control in wheat, barley, oats, ryegrass seed crops and peas providing increased yield and crop quality
  • Folicur SC can be used on a wide range of crops, and has good activity against rusts and ear diseases in winter wheat
  • Systemic movement allows the active ingredient to penetrate the plant rapidly and become evenly distributed throughout the leaf, providing superior disease protection