Understanding Aviator XPro

What is Xpro technology?

Xpro stands for the combination of biXafen and PROthioconazole, a unique combination of two of the most powerful fungicides available to New Zealand farmers. Bixafen is a new third generation SDHI fungicide discovered by Bayer Crop Science.

Aviator Xpro provides excellent control of all of the key diseases that infect wheat and barley.

Prothioconazole is a powerful and trusted DMI fungicide that has been protecting New Zealand wheat and barley crops for many years.

Xpro technology is not just about bixafen and prothioconazole, even though together these two fungicides deliver very good disease control.

The power of Xpro technology lies in its unique Leafshield formulation system - this is what defines Aviator Xpro. Xpro and Leafshield deliver the power of bixafen and prothioconazole to you as Aviator Xpro. The most effective cereal fungicide available in New Zealand.

The fungicidal benefits of mixing bixafen and prothioconazole

Aviator Xpro is a ready formulated mixture of bixafen and prothioconazole.

Bixafen is a new generation SDHI fungicide introduced into New Zealand by Bayer Crop Science and prothioconazole is a very active DMI fungicide that has been successfully used by thousands of New Zealand farmers under the name Proline. 

Mixing these two fungicides together in a carefully researched ratio has produced a very powerful fungicide, active against a wide range of diseases, and helps to slow down the development of disease resistance.

Same Spectrum | Same Place | Same time

  • Mixing fungicides with differing modes of action is a well-established way of not only delivering excellent disease control but also helping to delay the development of disease resistance but to be effective certain principles have to be followed.Same spectrum: both fungicides have to control the target fungi when used at the dose rate applied in the mixture
  • Same place: both fungicides should be effective at the same fungal growth stage
  • Same time: both fungicides should be effective for the same length of time

One way, and the easiest and consistent way to achieve this, is to apply a ready-mixed fungicide such as Aviator Xpro. As FRAC described in 2010:

"The advantage of a co-formulation is that the manufacturer has already selected the ingredients, the precise ratio and the dose rates best suited for the job. Tank mixes may provide some extra flexibility but need more expert knowledge to design the ideal combination of ingredients and the dose rates

Leafshield formulation system

The Leafshield Formulation Technology is a Bayer formulation innovation that results in Aviator Xpro quickly and evenly coating the leaf surface. In turn this leads to rapid drying which results in very quick rainfastness and increased spray opportunities.


  • By combining class leading disease control with crop longevity, Aviator Xpro delivers unbeatable yield, profit and return on investment
  • Aviator Xpro simplifies your fungicide choice by providing excellent control of all key diseases of wheat and barley
  • The innovative Leafshield formulation maximises the number of days spraying is possible. Containing specially designed adjuvants, Aviator Xpro spreads evenly on the leaf, dries quickly and is rainfast once dry
  • Combining two complimentary fungicides with different modes of action in the optimal ratio in a ready mixed formulation Aviator Xpro is the perfect component of any fungicide resistance management programme
  • Aviator Xpro is convenient to use, combining the use on wheat and barley with the ability to apply by ground or air

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